Olivia & Jason | A Soft & Rugged Couple Mini Session | Memphis Photographer

Hey you guys!

Meet Olivia and Jason! I go wayyy back with these two. The 3 of us went to school together growing up. Like middle and high school flashbacks are popping up thinking all about it. Olivia is just one of the sweetest people you will meet and Jason is a crazy cool artist with sarcasm & jokes for days.

Fast forward several years to a few months back when I signed on to facebook and saw that the two of them were dating! I seriously squealed in excitement. I have so much respect and care for these two and I will thrilled to see they were dating after all these years of knowing each other. On one hand it seems like it came out of left field and on the other hand it's like watching something that makes total sense.

Olivia contacted me to book one of my Christmas mini sessions and I was SO glad! It was so good seeing the two of them again. It's been far too long. Seeing how they laughed together and interacted was so precious. I can't wait to follow the rest of their story.

To see the full gallery from this session, click here!

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