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The Oaks Wedding | A Southern, Homestead Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Everyone meet Mr. & Mrs. Oaks!!! EEEEEEK!

Stephanie & Jordan are two dear friends of mine. Stephanie and I have had the joy of being friends since 2005. We were fast friends who felt like we had known each other our whole lives. I've watched her at her happiest and as she walked some tough roads. She has had a lot of curve balls thrown her way in life but nothing she has always stood tall during the storms.

I remember the first time I met Jordan. Stephanie and I had gone downtown for dinner and people watching. (Something we did often.) She got a text from one of her friends and we stopped by where he was to say hey. I can remember vividly Stephanie's face lighting up while she talked to Jordan. There was a laughter and bounce in her step as we left that I had never seen from her before. You see, Jordan and Stephanie had known each other since childhood. They grew up in the same neighborhood and for Jordan, Stephanie was always the girl he dreamed of. Life happens and takes funny turns. Turns that grow us, stretch us, and give us blessings in life we can't imagine not having. When the time was right, when the paths finally aligned, Jordan stepped into Stephanie's life and has been a rock solid force ever since. I have seen him care for her, love her, and provide for her in ways I dreamed she would always be treated. A story of a beautiful friendship turned into a full blown love story that just fit.

Jordan & Stephanie chose to get married at a place so special to them, the Parker Homestead in Harrisburg, Arkansas. I'd spent time with her & her family here growing up and every fall it is a staple to where they spend time. They were surrounded by their families and dear friends who love like family. The day was filled with tons of laughter & fun as well as many HAPPY tears. Nothing could prepare anyone for the speeches at their wedding. They literally brought everyone to tears. It was emotional because everyone knew these two have something so incredibly special that was worth celebrating.

Congrats Jordan & Stephanie. I'm so glad you two have decided on forever. I cannot wait to watch & celebrate the rest of your lives together. Thank you for allowing me the great honor of capturing your day.

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