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Payton & Blake | An Abandoned Auto Shop Family Session | Memphis Family Photographer

You know how you meet people when you're in middle school and you promise to be friends forever?

Well I have to admit I'm one of the lucky ones that can honestly say the close knit group of ladies that I was best friends with in middle school & high school are still some of my best friends in my life. We went from cheering each other on the ball fields to cheering each other on in life. I've watched them become wives, mothers, graduate college, start careers, and so many other milestones. It's been the coolest part of growing up.

Jessica is one of those friends I've known for easily 16 years. She is kind, hilarious, encouraging, and one of the most supportive people I know. She is now a mother of two beautiful babies and it's a treat to watch her rock this role in life. Her babies are seriously dolls. Like straight up model status. Jessica has been such a supportive friend in my photography journey and always lets me dream fun locations.

I drive by this abandoned auto shop almost daily and I have been saying for months that it would be the coolest to do a photo shoot here. Jessica was so on board and the outcome was a dream! After the session, we came to find out that there was some family history with the auto shop that use to be there which made the session eve cooler. Thanks again Jessica for letting me capture your beautiful babies and for being one of my best friends!

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