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My Top 5 Favorite Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Wedding days are seriously such a joy to document. From the excitement and nerves as brides and grooms get ready to the overwhelming love felt as a couple exits their reception as Mr. & Mrs. The entire day is filled with moments that I take pride in getting to capture forever. Often I have a bride ask me about my favorite moment to capture during the day. I'll be honest, I always have a hard time narrowing it down. Seriously, there are so many moments I love. It would genuinely be impossible to choose just one so I decided I would narrow it down and share my top five favorite moments to capture on a wedding day. Of course, it differs from wedding to wedding and I could literally make a list a mile long of all the things I love but none of us have time to read a blog that long. So I've decided my top 5 favorite moments (at least for today) to capture on your wedding day and I'm excited to share.

1. The first look.

A first look is when a bride and groom see each other before their ceremony. It's great for so many reasons. If you are on a time crunch it allows you to knock out so many photos before the festivities start. Plus, that just means more time that you and your significant other get to spend together throughout the day. If you are feeling the nerves at all on the day, it is seriously such a great way to get rid of them all. I love watching all the nerves melt away when a bride and groom see each other for the first time. I mean the day is all about the two of you, why not see each other. During a first look, the emotions literally flow. The excitement of FINALLY making it to your wedding day comes out in laughter, tears, hugs and kisses. I've had so many couples use their first look as a time to share personal letters, gifts, or even handwritten vows with each other. It's such a special moment with no one else around. I get to play the background and just document a genuine and intimate moment between the bride and groom. I love it.

2. The walk down the aisle.

Whether a couple does a first look earlier in the day or the walk down the aisle is their first time seeing each other, this moment is always crazy emotional. I've lost count of how many grooms see their bride earlier in the day and still lose it as she walks towards him down the aisle. Being surrounded by all your dearest family and friends combined with the music plus the fact that it is hitting both of you that THIS is the moment you have always dreamed about, I mean it melts all the hearts. Including mine. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have tears in my eyes behind my camera. I get totally invested. I'm going to become your cheerleader. You have found your forever love. It's happening. Gone are the days of living life alone. Capturing all the emotions behind this moment is why it definitely made the list.

3. The announcement of the new Mr. & Mrs.

The vows and "I do's" have been exchanged. The first kiss has been planted. Now come the words "it's my joy to introduce to you for the first time Mr. & Mrs. grooms name." I mean it's REAL. You're MARRIED. The excitement that builds up to these words comes bursting out. Sometimes it's hands being squeezed, laughter erupting, a fist pump in the air, a bouquet being swung up above, or many other outpourings of joy. I love this moment. Watching the bride and groom celebrate and exit down the aisle FULL of joy is just the best. As the couple exits, the outburst of clapping and cheers from family & friends is the best sound. Sometimes there's even a funny exit song that gets everyone laughing. All the planning and hard work are far from anyone's mind. It's truly the start of celebrating.

4. The first 10 minutes after exiting the ceremony.

The bride and groom have exited out as husband & wife. They have walked down a hall into a quiet room or walked to the side to wait for everyone to exit the ceremony area before a few last minute portraits. There's this 5-10 minute window where a bride and groom have no idea that anyone else is even near them. These moments are filled with huge hugs and kisses, long gazes, and overtaking giggles. The groom is usually staring at the ring that has finally been placed on his finger and brides have the largest smile you will see. During these moments I love to go into stealth mode. I don't want to interrupt their moment. Things will get busy again soon enough for the time being I just want to snap photos as they take a few minutes to let it all sink in.

5. The last dance.

The cake has been cut, the bouquet and garter have been tossed, the toasts have been made, the dance floor has been on fire for hours, and at least one groomsmen has his tie tied to his head. It's now time for the newlyweds to exit. It's seriously the saddest part of the whole day on one hand but on the other hand it's beyond exciting to finally go live life as husband and wife. The party has now wined down and the DJ is going to play the last song. Everyone is going to get lined up for your grand exit and it's down to just the two of you. I can promise you this dance is even sweeter than the first. Each couple has now felt the love and celebration of the entire day. The day they planned and waited for is closing but their new adventure is only beginning. The smiles plastered on their face express the joy felt in their hearts from experiencing their dream wedding day. The giggles shared between the two of them happen as they begin to reminisce the funny little moments that have happened throughout the day. The silent embrace shared is a display of true contentment and partly a little exhaustion if we are being honest. It's such a quiet moment in a day filled with movement and joy that I love to watch.

Seriously, just thinking about these five things has me beyond excited for the next wedding day I will get the joy of capturing. Each one so unique and filled with beautiful love stories unfolding in front of my camera. I could list 100 moments I love to witness and document each wedding today but for today, these are my top 5 favorite moments to capture. Ask me tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if it's changed.

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