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You've spent months, weeks, and lots of long nights planning your perfect day. You've thought through the details that you will wear, details your future husband will wear, gifts that will be given, pieces of your story that will be displayed and more. Well these are the personal touches that are so important to your photographer to capture. Of course you want the pictures of you and your husband, your wedding party and family but these details also tell part of your love story.

At the start of your wedding day, most wedding photographers will scope out the venue for locations and then jump into capturing the details. Wedding days can get pretty busy very quickly. Before you know it the day can turn into a wonderfully exciting blur, To help you brides make sure you get all those special details captured, I've compiled a list of some of the top details to be captured at the start of your day. A way to make sure your personal details are all captured is to have these items gathered and with you at the start of your day. This will allow your photographer to capture these details quickly and move on to capturing the other parts of your day such as getting ready, those dreamy first looks, and saying I do!

1. the DRESS!

You've probably looked through catalogs, stores, and Pinterest dreaming of finding the dress you would wear as you became someone's wife. Maybe it was the first dress you tried on and you just knew. Maybe it was a longer search until you found the one that made your heart race. Regardless, we know it is something beyond special to you. It will be a dress you cherish for the rest of your life.

2. the SHOES!

Okay here comes the part where I totally geek out about the sparkles, glitter, heels, and flats. Truth is, I have a problem. I love shoes. I love that each bride has their own style. Some go with super glam heels (that I could never wear for more than an hour,) others have a pop of color or their something blue, and others rock a completely personal look. I never get tired of seeing the shoes each bride has chosen followed by the occasional shoe envy.

3. the RINGS!

A detail I love to capture! (Honestly, I over say this phrase. I love capturing every detail listed in this post.) This is another detail that is so personal to couples. These rings symbolize so much and will be worn forever. Each couple has a different vibe, preference, style and it is reflected in their rings. I love being able to set them up and capture a few shots of them. It's also a nice way to combine and capture other details of the day.

4. the BOUQUETS!

We have some incredibly talented florists in this city. They put time and effort into making each bouquet exactly how you've dreamed. Sure it will be captured as you walk down the aisle and in your portraits, but capturing it up close allows you to remember the intricacies for years to come. Also, for those hopeless romantic grooms, it's a good reference if they ever want to get it remade for an anniversary celebration or just because.

Bouquet By Southern Bloom

Bouquet By Foxglove & Heather

5. the GROOM details!

Whether it be a bowtie, skinny tie, or super fly watch; grooms get to rock some fancy accessories too. These details can all too often be overlooked. Whether you chose them for your groom or he did, we want to make sure that his details are remembered too.


This is the first thing your guests see for your big day. These invitations are also all unique to each wedding. Each one has a theme, a certain look. Mailing a copy to your photographer or holding onto a copy of one in your getting ready details box allows us to be able to capture your beautiful stationary you've chosen.

7. the FINISHING touches!

Whether it's adding a necklace that finishes your look, or a garter, or the perfect splash of perfume, these are those finishing touches that complete your bridal look. Each detail you have chosen comes together in perfect harmony to make you feel your absolute prettiest on your special day. We want to make sure each part of that is documented.

8. the LOVE notes and gifts.

You've made it to the big day. You are about to say I DO to the man of your dreams. Chances are you have so many emotions running through your mind. Many brides and grooms will write special cards or letters to each other to be opened on the morning of. Couples will also sometimes surprise each other with a sweet gift to one another. These details deserve to be captured. The raw emotions that are displayed during these photos are everything!

9. the IN MEMORY touches.

Unfortunately, life is short and far too often the ones we love are not physically with us on the big day. I am no stranger to the gut-wrenching feeling of missing a loved one so much. I love when couples chose to honor those relatives that have had a major impact in their life whether it's in a small intimate detail or in a way seen by all.

10. the PERSONAL touches.

Lastly, the personal touches. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love story. It's a joining of two souls. You and your partner have a history, a story, inside jokes, and mutual things you both love. As you've planned your wedding day you've worked hard to make sure it is a true celebration and display of the two of you. Capturing these details and all the ones listed above are a joy. You are allowing us to see into your personal love story. I will never grow tired of documenting this.

We know there are MANY more details to be captured throughout your day and honestly, we cannot wait to do so. This is just a list to get you started. There is such beauty in each and every detail you've planned and included in your day. Getting to document these important details is seriously a joy.

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