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Morgan | LLFTN Covington Meetup | A Southern Bridal Session | Memphis Wedding Photographer

The September meetup was seriously a dream. Jenna Layne Photography and Shamara's Pretty Things spent a TON of time planning, styling, and setting up this meetup and it showed. We had the opportunity to work with so many amazing models that I didn't even get a chance to work with them all! We headed out to Covington, TN on Jenna's family's land for the most stunning setting. There was so much goodness at this meetup that I have to split my posts for this meetup into four posts.


I'm fairly certain I could write a list with like 1,376 bullet points of how I love Morgan! This was my third time to work with Morgan and each time she impresses me more. Lauren Todd was so sweet to bring over her horses for us to use for the meetup. Morgan instantly flocked to the horse and was ready to jump on bare back. That's the thing I love most about Morgan, she is another creative out there with us. She isn't afraid to go with her gut and try things that she sees. I mean who else jumps bare back on a horse, in a stunning dress (which was Jenna's actual wedding dress. GORGEOUS right?) and manages to look flawless. Thanks Morgan for always coming out and being so great!

To see the full gallery from this set go here.

Horses: Lauren Todd

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