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Alexis Grace | A Farewell to Memphis For Now | Memphis Artist Spotlight | Memphis Photographer | She

Everyone meet Alexis.

If you are from Memphis or currently live in Memphis, you are probably familiar with who Alexis is. Alexis has a full plate and wears so many different hats. Whether it be from watching her on season 8 of American Idol, hearing her as one of the DJ's on Q 107.5, watching her in one of her many singing gigs around the city, or watching her perform on the stage at Playhouse. The girl is booming with talent all over this city.

But today I'm going to highlight Alexis the Memphian. I've known Alexis for a good portion of my life. We went to school together and sang in a couple choirs together. She has worked so hard and has really put herself out there. Now, she is taking an even bigger leap with her husband and daughter and moving to Los Angeles. I cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes and gets to do while she is there.

Before she makes her big move, I had the joy of taking some photos of her in the place she has called home her whole life. My hope is that on the days she misses home, she can look at these and be reminded of the places so special to her. For this session we roamed around Midtown, where Alexis' deepest and strongest roots were formed. With every turn, I was able to see and hear stories from her childhood and on. I got to see the house she grew up in, the places she has spent hours upon hours at, and a part of the city that has completely captured her heart.

Alexis, thanks again for letting me have such a fun day with you. I wish you and your family nothing but the best as you transition to new adventures. Los Angeles is about to have some Memphis soul added to it. Farewell to Memphis for now. Time to achieve every dream your heart wishes.

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