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A Romantic, Sunset Anniversary Session | We Still Do | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Meet Fatmata & Larry.

These two are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary! I was so honored when she reached out to plan a session to celebrate the occasion. From the first 5 minutes of meeting these two there was not a doubt in my mind that they are madly in love and the best of friends. We watched a beautiful sunset while these two totally worked it in front of the camera. They laughed together and cuddled up in a way that was so natural. When I say they made my job easy, I mean it. They moved together. They moved naturally. In a way that can only be described as years of living life together. I love getting opportunities to document love stories like this. To be able to celebrate marriage and love. To help people have their memories frozen for all of time.

Fatmata & Larry - thank you again for allowing me the joy to capture your story. You two totally brought it. Cheers to you two. Wishing you another 20 years of happiness, love, and adventures.

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